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Fans of the awesome Zabrak!

Bao-dur fans

10/17/05 08:30 pm - theleopard - Bao colorbar

Hey... I've actually been a member for a while, although I've never posted anything here. So here's my contribution. Hope you enjoy.

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2/2/05 05:52 pm - wakogecko - Don't laugh at me....

ok this is a story I've been writing. Writen from Bao-Dur's view. I'm experamenting with lots of the charecters in stories like this, but since this is the Bao-Dur lovers community I'll show you this one.
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1/31/05 06:24 am - wakogecko - hi

hi. yeah...well I like Bao-Dur. I like the whole fact that he always whispers Atton is much too loud. :P so I stumbled upon this 'cause I actualy heard it was under construction and wanted to see it. so just so you know I'm here. I'll stay quiet from now on.

1/29/05 12:52 pm - aweofshestory

Well, here I am. Bao-Dur's my definate second favourite out of all the characters in TSL (only beaten by Atton), so I have ridiculous amounts of love for the guy =3 Thus, I joined.

I also agree with Arrow that Bao-Dur is a big hug wrapped in a tazer.[/random]

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