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Don't laugh at me....

ok this is a story I've been writing. Writen from Bao-Dur's view. I'm experamenting with lots of the charecters in stories like this, but since this is the Bao-Dur lovers community I'll show you this one.

Chapter 1: The Last Battle
“Alright, troops,” the General, announced, “The Mandalorians are at a disadvantage. We can win the war and save the Republic, but I want you to know that the whole galaxy rests in our hands!” The troops and I cheered. General walked over to me. “Bao-Dur, we’re going to need the help of you and that sensor,” she whispered to me, “Remember the Mass Shadow Generator.” I gave her a small nod, “Yes, General.” “Good,” She said, and she got into her starfighter. I had always thought she was cute, but I never knew if she actually liked me too. I watched as the last of the troops fired up their engines and took off. As soon as I turned around our communicator blinked on and yelled, “The Ravager has been hit! I repeat the Ravager has been hit!” “Ravager, how bad is the damage?” Trask asked. “Bad, but we still got the engines working,” the communicator said. “You can land here. We got the best technician in the galaxy,” Trask said with a smile. “Alright. We’re coming in,” the communicator said. The communicator blinked off. Then there was a big BANG, and suddenly the communicator blinked on. “We’re going down! We are going down!” the communicator yelled, “Abandon ship!” “Bao-Dur, what’s happening up there?” General asked over my communicator. “We just lost the Ravager, General,” I told her. “Darn! What happened?” She asked. “They got shot down before they could land,” I told her. “They were bringing in fuel. They were the only way we were going to win this,” she said, “It’s murder down here. As soon as we got to the surface Mandalorians had guns in our faces. I don’t know how long we’re going to be able to hold them off. I think we’re going to need the Mass Shadow Generator.” “General, you can’t be serious! Most of the troops down there are ours. We’d be murdering our own troops,” I said in disbelief. “The Republic will fall if we don’t,” General said, “I order you to do it.” “But…” I started. “I don’t care! Get everyone into the nearest ship, and activate the Generator!” she yelled. The communicator blinked off. “Trask, get everybody out of here, General’s orders,” I told him. “What…” he started. “General’s orders,” I repeated. Trask assembled everyone that was just lying around, and got them into the nearest ship off planet.

I got into our station’s controls. I got into the mainframe and typed in the password: Jedi. The Mass Shadow Generator’s controls came up. The scamatics ran down the screen. I pressed the start button. “Count down commencing,” it read across the screen. It started to count down until detonation. I turned on my communicator. “General, I’ve started the count down,” I said. “Good. I’ll get everyone out of here. Reven’s ship is coming to get you,” the General said. “Just watch your back, General,” I told her. “I will,” she said, and the communicator blinked off. The count down was on two minutes by now. Reven’s ship was there with in seconds. They opened the exit ramp, and I ran in.

We got in to find Mandalore himself had taken control of the ship. “Welcome, to Reven’s ship, and Clan Ordo,” he said, “Throw the Zabrack into one of the force cages, with the others.” Two large mandalorians grabbed me by the shoulders, and another grabbed my droid. I eyed a heavy assault rifle laying on the floor. Just as they started to drag me away I grabbed the assault rifle, and shot them all down to the ground. Mandalore was taken by surprise. “So you want to take on Mandalore? Well you’ve asked for it!” he said. He took out a vibroblade. I started to pull the trigger when he cut of my right arm. I screamed in pain. Mandalore started to laugh. “Your species was always too easy!” he said laughing. That was the final straw. “You are a sick, little man. Hiding behind a mask, with a twisted concept of honor,” I said, “Well I’m not standing for it!” I pulled the trigger. He was dead before he hit the ground. I then turned back to my arm. It bled deep red blood. I had to help all of the others in the force cages. They would most likely be able to treat my arm too.

I think it's realy bad but that was it.
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